On Linux Python 2, you need to first install Tkinter by running: sudo apt-get install python-tk

All of the arguments to PyMsgBox functions are optional.

>>> import pymsgbox
>>> pymsgbox.alert('This is an alert.')
>>> pymsgbox.confirm('Click OK to continue, click Cancel to cancel.')
>>> pymsgbox.prompt('Enter your name.')
>>> pymsgbox.password('Enter your password. (It will appear hidden in this text field.)')

Here are the default arguments for each function.

>>> pymsgbox.alert(text='', title='', button='OK')
>>> pymsgbox.confirm(text='', title='', buttons=['OK', 'Cancel'])
>>> pymsgbox.prompt(text='', title='' , defaultValue='')
>>> pymsgbox.password(text='', title='', defaultValue='', mask='*')

To use native operating system message boxes, run the following:

>>> import pymsgbox.native as pymsgbox

(Only a few of the message boxes have native support. Unsupported message boxes will default to the normal message boxes.)